Sacred Crystal Bath

An Alchemical Journey towards Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

The Experience of a Crystal Bath

The Crystal Bath is a healing modality that opens and balances the seven Chakra energy centers of the body. The quartz crystals have been specially chosen for their healing qualities. Each one is hand carved from a single source and polished to exacting standards.

on massage table, clothed, under crystal lightsA Crystal Bath session is safe and non-invasive; there are no contra-indications. A person lies on a massage table, fully clothed with the eyes covered, as seven colored lights, directed at the chakra centers, wash over the body in a pulsating rhythm. The colored light shining through each crystal channels a specific energy to each chakra, cleansing and balancing it during a session. This allows our mental, emotional, and spritual dimensions to be brought into alignment. When the chakras are out of harmony, we are out of synch with the flow of life’s energy. The Crystal Bath serves as a catalyst to jump start our body’s own natural healing potential and desire to achieve a state of equanimity.

It is utilized at the world reknowned Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil. I am honored and blessed to have this sacred tool to incorporate into the healing modalities at the Liferoot clinic.

What to Expect after a Crystal Bath Session?

Every person who receives a Crystal Bath healing reports a different effect, each experience being relevant and specific to his/her condition, needs, and level of awareness.

Each session is unique unto itself, and the individual experiences are varied.

Some of the results people have expressed:

Scientific Observations on Quartz Crystals

Many experiments have been conducted to measure the healing properties of quartz crystals. Some interesting findings have emerged:

Since the cells of the human body consist of 65-90% water this may be the explanation for the healing capacity of quartz crystals. The well organized vibration resonating from the crystals helps to organize the water in our tissues and cells, producing a healthy state.

Seven Primary Chakras and Corresponding Colors

The body has spinning energy centers that are called Chakras. They are linked to sound, light, and color.

The seven main Chakras where the Crystal Bath focuses are aligned in an ascending order from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each Chakra is associated with a certain color and is thought to vitalize the physical, spritual, and emotional bodies. Many individuals who are supporters of the Chakra energy system also believe there are parallels between the Chakra positions and locations of the endocrine organs.

violet - amethyst crown Crown (Violet)
Seat of consciousness, master Chakra, ability to trust life, ethics, courage
="indigo browBrow (Third Eye) (Indigo)
Openness to self-evaluation, emotional intelligence, new ideas
blue - turquoise throat Throat (Blue)
Communications and growth, ability to choose, strength of will
green - malachite heart Heart (Green)
Love, equilibrium and well-being, hope and trust
yellow - citrine navel Solar Plexus (Yellow)
Energy, assimilation and digestion, self-esteem
orange - carnelian sacrum Sacrum (Orange)
Emotion, sexuality and creativity, power and control
red - garnet root Root (Red)
Security, survival, physical body support, self-confidence, ability to provide for life’s necessities

Scheduling a Session

Kym ringing a bell Acupuncture and Crystal Bath Therapy are extremely compatible, as they both work to balance the subtle energies of the body. I offer the Crystal Bath session in concert with Acupuncture.

Crystal Bath + Acupuncture$95