November 2020

I had forgotten how good I feel after acupuncture!!

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November 2020

Compassionate care in a healing environment

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October 2020

Dr. Kym is very professional and is following the CDC guidelines very carefully. I felt very safe there; I also wore my mask during the office visit.

I came in for a chronic lower back pain and she knew exactly how to treat it. I also decided to purchase some of the supplements she suggested. She is very thorough. Her treatment was fantastic. I won’t say that I was cured in one treatment but it was very close to that. I felt very good with no back pain. I hardly felt the needles at all and felt very comfortable for the duration. Almost fell asleep it was so peaceful.

I will do some follow up treatments per her recommendation to take care of a few long term issues I’ve had but overall I am extremely happy with the treatment. Best acupuncture I’ve ever had period. Full Stop.

I highly recommend Dr. Kym to anyone with similar problems. She was awesome.

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October 2020

Wonderful!!! More than I expected.

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October 2020

This was my first doing acupuncture treatment, I was [anxious] of the overall experience and I have this fear of needles. It was nothing like what I expected. It was very calming and relaxing. I didn't feel the needles being put in. Kim is so gentle and great person overall. I will be coming back for sure.

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March 2020

Kim was especially joyous, welcoming, and appreciative of my visit. The treatment gave me new life.

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Fertility and Pregnancy

January 2020

Melody\'s baby I can’t believe I am saying this: After 7 years of trying I am finally pregnant!

It finally happened with my 3rd round of IVF but I know it wasn’t the IVF alone. I’d made so many changes this time: eating healthy, losing weight, drinking more water, sleeping more, and most importantly, calming my stress and anxiety.

That’s why I went to see Kym. I had been reading lots of people’s success stories using acupuncture and at this point I had tried everything, so I thought I might as well try it. I chose Kym after getting some recommendations from the Tucson Infertility Support Group and seeing that she knew my fertility doctor. From the moment we met Kym and I had a connection. She is so caring and supportive and she never wavered in her confidence that I was going to be pregnant.

Melody\'s baby My weekly visits really helped calm my stress and anxiety. I really learned a lot from Kym about the power of meditation and taking care of myself. My last egg retrieval produced 29 eggs and 10 made it to freezing which is incredible! Also, the quality of my eggs had vastly improved.

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and my little one is doing great! I know having Kym in my toolbox led to my miracle and I am forever grateful for her.

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General Health

November 2019

I am writing this to encourage everyone to treat their discomfort/sickness/soreness with acupuncture.

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt calm and at ease. I have had acupuncture before, so had an idea what to expect. By far, Kym is the best practitioner I’ve ever seen.

I look forward to every appointment, knowing that it is one of the best things I can do for myself.

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Good bye Arrhythmia!

November 2019

Just recently, I was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. I had been recently waking up in the middle of the night for several months, gasping for air and my heart pounding, which was very unusual for me. Thinking this was just due to my snoring, a problem I had most of my life, I ignored it. But thanks to my wife, she found that my heart was skipping about 3-6 times a minute. After seeing my doctor he confirmed and recommended that I see a cardiologist. Having had a strong heart all of my life, I talked with my wife and after some research, discovered that Acupuncture could resolve the issue. Figuring that it was much better than the other option, restarting the heart, I decided to give it a shot.

Thankfully, Kym was available and saw me right away. After listening patiently to my description and asking questions, she said she was very confident that she could resolve the issue. She laid out a plan and informed me that it would take multiple visits to get my heart back on track.

After the second visit, my wife could only detect a few missing beats while listening to my heart.

After the fourth visit, my wife couldn’t detect any abnormality and I noticed that I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air.

In my fifth week of treatment, I wore a 24-hour heart monitor as recommended by my cardiologist. When I saw him again during my eighth week of treatment, he informed me that he couldn’t find any missing heart beats; I actually had several extra beats during the 24 hour period. When I mentioned that I had been using Acupuncture, I could tell that he didn’t believe. But that’s okay. I’m sleeping and breathing better, and the results on the monitor showed that this worked, and that’s all that matters.

Thank goodness for Kym for being there when I needed her. I hope that more people like me find her and realize that there’s a much better alternative out there.

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September 2019

I am writing this to encourage everyone to treat their discomfort/sickness/soreness with acupuncture.

I have been plagued with a stiff neck and headaches for 4 years. I have had testing and treatment suggestions from numerous doctors. I have had many xrays, CAT scans, and other diagnostic tests to no avail.

The acupuncture treatments I have received from Kym at Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts have eased the pain and I can turn my neck with very little discomfort. My overall health has improved including my energy and mood. I would recommend this treatment for anyone that needs relief.

Thanks Kym!

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Stress Hives

August 2019

I suffer from stress hives. In the past I would go to a Western Doctor for him to give me cortisone injection. It was the only thing that helped me! However, I didn’t want to keep taking injections because the long term side effects.

Then I decided to try an acupuncture treatment. I only had one treatment and my symptoms went away! I felt amazing! As a result I will not have to turn to Western treatments to treat my hives anymore.

Kym really made a difference and I will be definitely going back!

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Gaea Bear

Bell’s Palsy

March 2019

I have been seeing Kym for acupuncture for a little over two years. During that time, she has improved symptoms of everything from trouble sleeping to IBS. She is friendly, professional, and really listens.

Recently I woke up one morning and noticed that I couldn’t move one side of my face. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which is a (usually) temporary paralysis of one side of the face. When I told Kym about the diagnosis, she got me in for an appointment immediately.

I saw her three days in a row the first week. I could tell that the treatment was having an effect right away. I had another three appointments the following week and the improvement was profound. From everything I read about Bell’s Palsy, healing typically doesn’t begin until at least three weeks and could take up to a year. In that same three week time frame, I was probably 80% recovered.

It has now been a little over a month and no one would ever know that I had this condition. I am still receiving regular treatment and I strongly believe that the care I have received from Kym has made all the difference in my recovery.

Thank you so much!

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Bell’s Palsy client at: treatment initiation, 3 weeks, 5 weeks


Fracture Pain

January 2019

I arrived at Liferoot Acupuncture with multiple fractures to my upper right quadrant. The pain was intense! During the first treatment my pain began to lessen. The tremendous shock to my system was lessening also. Subsequent treatment continued to lessen the pain and contributed greatly to the healing process.

I am now pain free from this serious injury. I would highly recommend Liferoot Acupuncture to everyone I know or care about.

Thank you Kym for your help with my injury and I will be back.

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