December 2018

I have had a wacky and irregular menstrual cycle for most of my adult life. It was never really an issue until my husband and I thought we might try for a family. After 6 months with no results, I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. I went to my OBGYN who couldn’t really find a reason why my periods weren’t coming. I was so sure I must be going through menopause at 33 years old. (A blood test confirmed I wasn’t, of course!) I left with a bottle of progesterone pills and zero idea what was wrong with me or if there even was anything wrong with me.

To be honest, I never took the progesterone pills, whose purpose was to just make my period start. I hate taking pills. And I wanted to know WHY things weren’t flowing, not just make them happen with a pill.

A[n Internet] search led me to Liferoot Acupuncture and Kym. When I went in for my first appointment, I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in 2 months. She asked me some questions and listened to my story. The actual acupuncture was painless and relaxing. It didn’t feel like a coincidence that my period started the very next day! After a few more sessions with Kym I was feeling more positive about my whole situation.

Going back to my OBGYN, they verified via sonogram that I was in fact healthy and just about to ovulate. It’s still too early to know if we’ll have any luck this month. But the fact that my body is now working as it should gives me hope that a little one could be in our near future.

And to anyone who has struggled with fertility issues as I have and isn’t sure if acupuncture will help, I say, Give it a try because, why the heck not?!

Results may vary.


Chronic Low Back and Glut[eus Maximus] pain

June 2018

The pain is gone almost all the time. I can now go on walks with my wife, which she also appreciates! Next week I’m going back to the nifty after 50 for strength training. I didn’t know it could be this good again.

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Teagan R

April 2018

I started getting acupuncture in January 2018 for my horrible anxiety. I experienced a miscarriage in November 2017, which sent my anxiety into overdrive. I knew I wanted to go a natural route for treating it since I was trying to conceive. I have been on medication my whole life, and wanted to try a new route.

Acupuncture has made the difference in my anxiety like night and day since starting. Not only did it help with my anxiety, it helped me to get pregnant within a month of doing weekly treatments with Kym. Kym has been so wonderful to work with and she genuinely cares about each of her patients. She recommended supplements, as well as some diet changes without forcing it on me. I truly believe I got pregnant so quickly due to acupuncture.

I plan on continuing acupuncture throughout my pregnancy because the benefits are incredible.

Results may vary.

Alex W

September 2017

I’ve seen acupuncturists all over the country and hands down I have to say that Kym Kleiman is one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I say “work with” because with Kym I feel like it’s a partnership. She excels clinically as diagnostician and treated me like an individual. Due to my complicated medical history I really appreciate a healthcare provider who doesn’t reduce me to a set of “typical” symptoms and treats the symptoms instead of the whole person.

Since my initial visit with her over a year and half ago, I have continued to keep her on as my primary acupuncturist. When I first moved to the Tucson area, I had seen a number of other providers and without bad mouthing anyone I will just say I was underwhelmed by their services.

On the other hand with Liferoot their entire process has been smooth and easy. Their intake forums are standard and easy to follow. You can also make appointments online and are able to view which appointment slots are available. I also appreciate that they send reminder emails just a day before an appointment comes up. Their front desk staff has always been warm, professional and on top of things.

Their location is very central in Tucson with ample parking. The atmosphere is inviting, exotic, and relaxing. Each treatment room is decorated a bit differently and there is always something interesting to look at. While it might seem strange to comment on how an acupuncture clinic is decorated, I can say that when you are lying face up on a table its much more relaxing to have something beautiful to look at rather than a cold sterile room which is common in other acupuncture clinics I’ve been in.

The main reason I keep coming back to work with Kym is that I feel like I get a lot extra services with just a regular appointment. She checks in on me regularly during a session to make sure I’m doing okay. Then near the end of the session she asks if I want “the seeds” which are tiny little seeds that prolong treatment that fit discretely in the outer part of your ear. She also sometimes incorporates tuning forks after the needles have been removed as sort of a finishing and balancing technique. Lastly she offers herbal medicine upon checking out and I have found that be a central component in my healing process.

I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation to try Liferoot Acupuncture. They are professional, reliable, and go above and beyond with all that is offered in their services.

Results may vary.

Serene H

August 2017

We came to Kym seeking treatment for my daughter who has had over a year of intense chemotherapy. The chemotherapy treatment had left my daughter feeling severe nerve pain in her legs and feet. Knowing that we had at least another year of treatment, we wanted to seek out some natural treatment for nerve pain. We told Kym our story and she immediately made room for us in her schedule.

Kym met with my daughter and helped her feel safe and calm which is very important considering everything that my daughter had been through. After two visits with Kym the pain in my daughter’s legs and feet began to subside. Soon, the pain completely diminished which is incredible considering that my daughter was still taking the chemotherapy that was causing the issue in the first place! Kym’s knowledge and expertise has been a huge part of my daughter’s treatment and we don’t know what we would have done without her.

We are forever thankful.

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August 2017

I’ve been going to see both Kym for many years now for acupuncture. Kym is amazing! Liferoot is truly a wonderful healing environment. The treatments have really helped a variety of health issues, and the suggestions for healing foods, herbs, other supplements.

This place is awesome…. I keep telling all of my Tucson friends to go here!

Results may vary.

Lora R

August 2017

I’m a nurse and a cancer patient using all non-toxic, bio-individualized therapies to keep my cancer in remission. I’ve loved my acupuncture sessions, moxibustion, and cupping with Kym over the years I’ve lived in Tucson; [Kym] became my greatest resource, healer and cheerleader when I discovered I had cancer. I was over-extended and ignoring energy practices, and Kym welcomed me back for intensive healing with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I found that energy healing is the cornerstone of staying well.

Acupuncture with Kym keeps my meridians aligned and energy flowing freely. I can count on staying well and feeling terrific, no matter how exciting my health challenges appear, thanks to Kym’s expertise and generosity.

Results may vary.

Jen S

July 2017

I am in my late 30s and have been struggling with infertility for years. After one stillbirth at 38 weeks and a miscarriage I was devastated. I have tried many fertility doctors and fertility treatments (multiple rounds of clomid and IUIs). My last resort was an IVF which I had scheduled for later this year. Doctors have done all kind of tests. All results came back negative and the diagnosis I got was unexplained infertility.

I was desperate. Earlier this year I had another failed IUI. I did an online search and found Kym. I started acupuncture to treat my infertility in late March. Kym is very patient, kind, and understanding of my background, pain and heartache. She keeps my hope up. I go to Kym once a week. In early June (only after about 3 months of acupuncture treatment), I found out that I am pregnant naturally! I was ecstatic!

I truly believe it has something to do with acupuncture and Kym’s healing touch. Even my doctor was surprised to find out I was pregnant naturally.

The results are not instant, but I truly believe in Acupuncture. It has helped me balance my body, increase the quality of my eggs, and help me get pregnant again naturally.

Kym and her acupuncture treatments have done some miraculous work in my body and reproductive systems. She is such an awesome lady and I sincerely thank her for all she has done for me.

I know the struggles with infertility are real; I share this success story and the benefits of acupuncture to other women and mothers who are struggling with infertility.

It’s going to be a long journey for me, but I am positive.

Thank you Kym from the bottom of my heart! You are awesome!

Results may vary.

Tania C

June 2017

I suffered a nasty bout of flu recently and almost canceled my appointment with Kym because I was so sick. Good thing that I went in to see her; Kym recommended an acupuncture treatment that addressed my flu symptoms and some herbal medications. I started feeling better the next day. And my husband, who had the same strain of flu, took three weeks to recover.

Results may vary.

Carol F

June 2017

Without my acupuncture treatments I would not be doing as well as I am, especially now that I am undergoing chemotherapy and soon, radiation for breast cancer. I made it through the surgery without having to take any pain medicine. I am still working and maintaining a fairly normal daily routine.

My friend Maggie, who has been great as she takes me to chemo has said that I am doing very well during the chemo because of the acupuncture. Coming from Maggie, this is high praise. Prior to her helping me, she helped a friend go through treatment for throat cancer. He had a rough time physically and mentally. He is doing well now.

I am so grateful for how well I am doing, as I have just finished with chemo and am preparing for radiation. I know in my heart that I would not be doing so well if I had not chosen to use acupuncture as a co-treatment with my chemo and radiation.

THANK YOU Kym for your healing skills and patience through all of this. I don’t even try to think of how it might have been without your help.

Results may vary.

Leona F

June 2017

On January 31, I woke up feeling fine. I made coffee and notice my lips were not molding to the cup as usual. I continued to try and drink it. My mouth would go one way and the coffee the other. I got scared and thought I was having a stroke. I still had no pain and looking in the mirror I looked fine. After calling my daughter, a nurse practitioner, I decided to go to Urgent Care. They could not rule out stroke and never mentioned Bell’s palsy. I was transported from Urgent care to the emergency room at a local hospital. The EMTs were asking questions as if I had a stroke.

Upon arriving at the hospital the emergency room doctor straight away said I had Bell’s palsy. She asked questions, had me move my arms, legs, and move my face up and down and smile. I was given a blood test and CAT scan to rule out stroke. Over the next two hours my face slowly twisted to the side, from right to left. I could not drink without a straw. Saw a neurologists in the ER who also confirmed it was Bell’s palsy and said there was nothing to do but wait. It could take weeks, months, or years to clear up. I left the hospital with steroids and antiviral pills: standard prescription for Bell’s palsy. It’s not known why it happens, could be viral, could be stress.

That day I came home and did my own Internet search on Bell’s palsy. I was amazed at how prevalent it is, and there is no cure.

After watching a few [YouTube videos] and reading what others had done, I mapped out my plan of action. I’m a singer and wanted to postpone my vocal lessons, my coaches encouraged me to sing as it may help with the stress. I also called my acupuncturist and explained my ordeal to her. Some of the [YouTube videos] had suggested acupuncture. So the next day I went to my singing lesson, and then to acupuncture. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect.

Thankfully Kym Kleiman of Liferoot Acupuncture is a skilled well trained acupuncturist and has experience with Bell’s palsy. She pulled out all her techniques and used them on me, I trusted her. For over 4 week I had a treatment two or three times a week. I also used affirmations from Louise Hay, forgiveness prayers, facial massage, and positive thoughts, in addition to singing. I had two performances schedules, and did not cancel. By February 26th I was about 90 percent cured, no one at the performance knew I had Bell’s palsy, it did not affect my voice and my face was almost normal. This was less than a month of my combined acupuncture, prayer, singing, positive thoughts. I only succumb to feeling sorry for my self a few times.

I still have dry right eye and some on-again off-again tingling on the right side of my face. I believe the nerve is still healing and I’m grateful.

Bottom line I believe starting acupuncture the day after the onset of Bell’s palsy in addition to the antiviral, steroids and positive mental outlook are the reason for my quick recovery. So thankful that I am open to the healing power of the universe however it shows up.

Results may vary.