Beth H

December 2016

I have been seeing Kym Kleiman since the spring of 2016. I originally came to her because I had a reoccurrence of debilitating and unexplainable skin conditions.

Six years ago I had the first flare ups of these skin conditions. The skin on my face, neck, and chest would swell up and literally dissolve into an oozing serious mess, and then cake over into an excruciatingly painful and itchy mask. This kept reoccurring over and over again. I originally went to numerous dermatologists who prescribed steroids and antibiotics and then more steroids and antibiotics. The treatments did not have any effect on the condition. The only thing that the blood workups showed was that I had inflammation markers. No infectious components could be identified in tissue samples. Allergy elimination diets also had no effect on the condition.

In desperation I tried acupuncture and energetic work with remarkable results. My skin completely healed with no scarring. I did not have any more flare-ups until spring of 2016 after the death of my father.

I feel very honored and blessed to have found Kym. She is a remarkable acupuncturist and healer. She is extremely conscientious, down to earth, and has a great outlook and sense of humor. She has incredible skill and intuition in her practice and exhibits a profound caring in her work with people. The office is warm, welcoming, and beautiful. The team of professionals she has chosen to collaborate with her offer a well-rounded holistic healing space. I am also greatly impressed with her choices of the supplements, traditional Chinese medicines, and ear beads that she uses in her practice. She chooses companies that are reputable, conscientious, and use high quality ingredients and techniques.

My work with her and her team has offered a profound healing for me on a very deep level. The holistic approach heals mind, body, and spirit. I am experiencing a level of health that I have never had before and I believe that the work we are doing addresses root causes of the external conditions versus suppressing the underlying condition.

I wholeheartedly recommend her and her team.

Results may vary.

Jo N

December 2016

You [Kym] gave me relief and hope during the most horrific pain in my life: bilateral acute achilles tendinitis. Started mid-September, and I did not see you until I was over six weeks in with no relief.

I laid in bed for 6 weeks, in so much pain ( I’m embarrassed to tell people how much it HURT!). The Orthopedic famous center prescribed boots that were $499. I bought one and got the exact other one the same day for $78 on Amazon. Huh.

I could not get up without help to go to the bathroom, get to the kitchen, and the giant mobilizing boots (they weigh as much as ½ of my body weight and are very unstable) caused me to fall the second day I wore them! Resulting in a coccyx fracture to ‘Boot”—I’m trying to make it funny but it is NOT.

I was seriously a bit skeptical, but after the first 30 minutes of your treatment I definitely felt… not magic… but holy cow, a difference!

However, on exactly the fifth day of having had my acupuncture with you, wow, all of a sudden I could actually stand up in the morning and only scream OUCH! OUCH! a few times getting to the bathroom.

Second visit was better than the first. You placed the needles in different places and by the time I was out of your office, I didn’t feel better, but I felt hopeful. I had been religious in taking the RX’s Chinese remedies you prescribed and I truly believe they aided in my becoming to be pain free.

(Or just pain - less!).

Exactly 5 days after your treatment (AGAIN) I had such an unreal release of pain that it was so real but I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I am curious why it took five days to kick in, like the last visit. But I don’t care. It worked!

Third visit, better than the first two, and I could go on and on, my dear Kym, but you absolutely changed the route of this healing process which I know is long, but you gave me so much hope and truly awesome therapy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As well as my husband, who is so relieved that someone could give me verifiable pain relief without drugs or more casts and boots to immobilize me.

I am so grateful for your technique (can I say zero painless or would that be ridiculous?) and the soothing environment you put me in. I fell asleep during every visit, because I could feel my muscles relax so awesomely! Yesterday, I actually got on my Asics and walked around Home Depot with Eric for half an hour. Came home, no pain. Today, minimal achilles soreness—I’ll take that any day!—and I know I am on the road to recovery. My tailbone area that you really focused on is 90% great. I’m saving my last visit for sometime in the future for maintenance!

God Bless You and if I can tell anyone else in horrible pain, please let them call me! I will trust you to give them my phone number.

Results may vary.

Artesia T

May 2016

First-class service at LIferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts, great advice and suggestions. Very happy to have found them.

Results may vary.

Edward A

May 2016

I went for treatment of my anxiety and felt the difference the next day. The people at Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts are very welcoming and my acupuncturist Kym Kleiman was awesome. It was a very comfortable for my first acupuncture experience.

Results may vary.

Jill W

May 2016

I LOVE Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing [Arts]!!!

I have had Nasal Polyps for years and the ONLY solution was Prednisone… or so I thought. I have been getting Massages and Reiki from Shannon [at Liferoot] for years; so when i decided to try another way to get rid of the polyps, Acupuncture was at the top of the list.

Kym is AWESOME!! She explained everything to me and took time to get to know me and my body. She is wonderful at placing the needles in a way that I don’t even feel. Trust me, I do feel some, and she lets me know what to expect and those don’t hurt once they are placed. Acupuncture is relaxing, I fall asleep every time and feel wonderful afterwards. My polyps have shrank, I can smell, taste, and I don’t have harsh chemicals in my body.

Thank you Kym for helping me “smell the roses” of everyday life.

Results may vary.

Theresa S

May 2016

Kym is willing to listen and then advise you on what she believes the best treatment would be. Kym checks with you every visit to make sure everything is working; if something is not working for you, Kym makes changes.

Excellent [Liferoot] Acupuncture & Healing Arts. I highly recommend to anyone.

Results may vary.

Abby S

May 2016

Always a great experience at Liferoot! Blessed to have Kym in my life! She is truly a gifted healer!

Results may vary.

R.L. - Frozen Shoulder

March 2016

Kym at Liferoot Acupuncture was one of my lifelines during my 18-month journey through frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Not only is Kym an exceptional acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner whose treatments helped steadily break up the adhesions and soothe pain and inflammation, she is also a compassionate, gentle, authentic, and wise healer who, having experienced the condition herself, had many recommendations and insights beyond the treatments. Besides her helpful treatments, she always had the perfect, soothing, encouraging thing to say at the right time during the highs and lows of a very challenging process.

Now 99% healed, I can say that I will always include Kym in my health care. Tucson is fortunate to have such a dedicated and skilled resource among us.

Results may vary.


February 2016

I have a condition that couldn’t be managed until I added acupuncture. Now I have a formula that works and I don’t mess with it.

Results may vary.

Anna H - General Health

February 2016

Kym and the amazing staff at Liferoot Acupuncture have been such a blessing to my own and my family’s health! It is a warm and welcoming environment and you know the minute you walk in you are in the good hands of caring professionals! The acupuncture therapy I have received from Kym has helped me through minor aches and pains, emotional challenges, and physical injury. It has been a huge healing element in my overall health and I can’t imagine not having it as a regular benefit to my health.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liferoot Acupuncture to anyone!

Results may vary.

Audrey V - Pregnancy

January 2016

Happy Mom I have seen Kym through two back-to-back pregnancies and she has treated a variety of issues: headaches, heartburn, insomnia, anxiety and even a hormonal issue that my primary care doctor told me I would just have to "suffer" through for the last 4 weeks of my last pregnancy. Kym gave me one treatment and an at-home care regimen that cured me in a week.

I’m forever grateful for her knowledge and expertise, and I credit her for helping me achieve two all-natural and easy water births. With one baby weighing 8lbs 12oz and the other an even 10lbs I don’t believe this would have been possible without regular visits to an incredibly gifted acupuncturist.

Thank you so much Kym!

Results may vary.