Chronic Fatigue

February 2015

Before coming to Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts, I had been diagnosed with sluggish liver, gall-bladder and thyroid. My energy levels were low. Every day I had to take a nap (HAD to). For a few years, I could hardly eat anything. Some days I could only eat one bowl of plain oatmeal. During the worst times (the more recent times), I would wake up in the night with a need to vomit. My doctor had no suggestions other than treating the nausea.

Instead, I wanted to get to the root of it. A friend of mine suggested I call Liferoot and make an appointment, and I did. Kym gave me an acupuncture treatment. I immediately felt some slight movement within my abdominal cavity. Something that I think was my liver or gall-bladder “waking up.” Kim also suggested two Chinese herbal formulas, which I have been taking.

After the first week, I noticed some things that indicated progress was continuing. For example, my bowels became more regular, and I ate almost normally again. A few months later, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays rolled around and I celebrated (feasted) along with everyone else.

It is now February (about 6 months after my initial appointment. My most recent appointment with Kym was yesterday. I’m eating normally (but still watching the types of foods I eat, for overall health). I have not had a single instance of waking up late at night with the need to vomit since I’ve been seeing Kym. I’ve had no negative side effects. I have had some positive side effects: my skin condition has been gradually improving, and my hair has felt silky (instead of dry as it had been).

I’ve recommended Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts in Tucson to relatives, friends, and also to my barber! I cannot thank Kym enough for the amazing improvement!

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