Brent - Trauma

November 2013

I’ve seen Kym for a solid year of weekly sessions, and below I’ll explain the progression of healing I experienced since my first visit in November 2012, which was a slow progression of intense healing experiences.

After a traumatic event in August 2012 I experienced extreme depression, amnesia, lack of physical and emotional functionality; an all-time low. This triggered trauma from my past and I decided to heal from it to move forward in a positive direction in life. I saw multiple psychologists/therapists but was quickly turned off by the judgmental, manipulative nature of their sessions. Also, the traditional philosophy of psychology that I experienced seemed to revolve around solely learning how to deal with the past using textbook techniques rather than complete holistic personal transformation, which is more along the lines of what I sought for my life.

I decided to give acupuncture with Kym a try in hopes of some kind of fundamental energy shift, to improve my poor physical and mental well being. First Kym gave recommendations for a new diet including organic and healthy foods, herbs and supplements. I then started to sleep properly, and after ~3 months I started to have enough energy to (physically) function throughout my days. I’m very adamant about my nutrition and sleep now.

As for the sessions themselves, after a couple months or so I started to take Kym’s treatments seriously when I started to experience uncontrollable bodily reactions to strong emotions related to recent (and childhood) trauma during and after my sessions, near the 3-4 month mark. During Kym’s sessions it was surreal observing my brain break free of the emotional patterns my mind had programmed from years of negative social conditioning. There were many weeks where emotions would pour from my body relating to past experiences I never dealt with before. I learned a lot about my emotions during this time.

This proceeded to the 10 month mark of weekly sessions. The (intense) compassionate and non-judgmental nature of Kym’s practice took its toll on my negative views of (and lack of hope for) society, and led to an emotional enlightenment and feelings of love for people, which was very powerful at the time. My "emotional deadness" waned (as Dr. Brad Blanton would say) and my body physically started to feel lighter and more active. I started to have enough energy, emotionally, to handle challenging situations.

At the 11 month mark there was a period I experienced feelings of transference with Kym while letting go of the past, and Kym handled this professionally and effectively for me. I began my transition from a codependent state to an independent one (according to Dr. Stephen Covey’s literature), where I realized I didn’t need anything from anyone to be happy, and processed this internally. Letting go of the past during this time was like experiencing a death of my weaker self and of my memories, which was a grueling process at the time, but has enabled me to be emotionally fit to handle real-life situations as a man, and to be more present to the moment.

There were times when Shannon [Sullivan, LMT] offered support, too, during vulnerable visits where I would unexpectedly drop by to be in a safe place when I needed to be. I feel this was a powerful time growing into a man and transforming holistically into a stronger, healthier person, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or judgmental diagnosis. The huge amount of support Kym had for me during this time of my life really meant something special and allowed for a personal transformation that otherwise may not have been as possible or doable.

Given Kym’s background and knowledge of what she does, I give Kym the highest recommendation as a Great healer who genuinely cares about her patients. I’m very glad this chapter of my life took place at Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts.

Results may vary.

Carmen H

September 2013

Like many patients, I arrived at acupuncture with a specific presenting issue. However, I didn’t have an expectation, more an openness and a desire to understand my role in relation to my presenting symptom. So, like all good things, the purpose has evolved.

This approach has taught me that acupuncture is primarily about my soul. It is about taking the time to care for my soul—not in a religious sense, but in a spiritual sense. It’s about feeling more connected to myself, as a result, and taking the time to honor that.

I believe that acupuncture treatments and the results are very different for each individual. Just as we are unique creations, the treatment approach is uniquely tailored to embrace each person’s medical needs, personality, emotional state, and spiritual connection. I do not feel like a passive patient on the acupuncture table; I feel that I am an active participant in my healing. The acupuncture serves as a catalyst to lead me in the most healing direction; I choose to go. In this way, there is no room for expectations because what I get out of each acupuncture session is exactly what I need in that moment. It is different every time and that is part of the beauty.

A lot of what happens during acupuncture is increased clarity. I obtain clarity about my life—my pending decisions, my feelings, my health, my relationships, my past mistakes. It’s about seeing the various possibilities and having one ring true with the clear melody that makes sense in my life.

For me, acupuncture is also about remembering. It’s about recalling the events of my life with wisdom and without the fear of reliving them. It’s about honoring past experiences and how they have shaped me, molded me, and grown me. It is about seeing the past with the aforementioned clarity and feeling grateful for every step of the journey.

Acupuncture is truly about seeing things through a spiritual lens. I’ve often thought, while lying on the acupuncture table, that it must be just a fleeting glimpse of how God feels watching us with such clarity, wisdom, and the divine ability to see the end result. That experience alone has forever altered me.

Acupuncture is about love. It’s about self-love and then learning to become transparent with spiritual love. It is about self-acceptance. It is about the willingness to admit weakness and to ask for help. Through acupuncture I accept the blessing of vulnerability and the beautiful transformation that happens through the blend of human brokenness.

Acupuncture is about listening to my body. It’s about physical healing with a spiritual and emotional impetus. It’s about not running, it’s about taking a moment to honor the still center. It’s about recognizing my spiritual gifts and learning to use them.

Acupuncture is a paradox. There are unnecessary or unhealthy things that are drawn out of me. The healthy parts of me are put together in a most organized productive, and balanced fashion. The whole process is like moving forward lifetimes while being so still. I connect to pain so that I can cry tears of joy. I discover my optimum potential and embrace it. I recognize that the answer was in me all along with an eye opening, empowering joy. In the surrender I receive exactly what I need.

Results may vary.

Karen K - Allergy

July 2013

Kym’s acupuncture treatments have been the only thing that have alleviated my terrible allergies. After just one treatment I felt completely better. Suddenly my head wasn’t foggy and I wasn’t constantly dizzy and sleepy.

Thanks Kym!

Results may vary.

Mary L - Hepatitis C

February 2013

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C virus 2 years ago and at that time the Doctors recommended that I do Interferon treatment to arrest the virus. My viral load at the time was 3,000,000 and my liver enzyme levels were 4 times the normal range. As an alternative to Interferon therapy I chose to do acupuncture with Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson, AZ to treat the Hepatitis C.

Kym has been treating me with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs for the past 2 years. My last blood panel showed my liver enzyme levels were almost normal and my viral load was down to 100,000, which is major progress.

I find Kym to be a loving and supportive Practitioner and I will continue to see her to maintain good physical and mental health.

Results may vary.

Nancy O - Cold and Flu

January 2013

My heartfelt thanks to you and Dr. Kym for my treatment yesterday.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so miserable. I came home and slept til 1:30 and kept the rest of the day very low key. By Sunday, I felt like a new person!! I’ll keep taking the lung medicine til it’s gone and will see you both next Sat.

Thanks ever so much!

Results may vary.