Liferoot Acupuncture and COVID-19

COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Patients

Our COVID-19 Guidellines


Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts is pleased to announce our decision to safely and consciously reopen following the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of you have reached out during the pandemic requesting our services and support. Acupuncture is a tremendous healing modality. It has the potential to boost the immune system and reduce anxiety: two things that are very much needed right now.

We care about each one of our patients and we are making sure that you are safe. Our decision to reopen and its timing have been well considered with the best potential for an environment of health and serenity. Please know that we think of you and care for you like family.

Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts is a family practice and we treat many immune compromised, elderly, and vulnerable patients in this space. We are honored that such patients trust us to consistently deliver quality acupuncture and health care.

As a result, we ask that all patients abide by the following guidelines as we reopen with an optimally safe environment for all. We are actively following the CDC, the WHO, and our local health agencies’ precautionary measures. COVID-19 has created a situation that is changing daily, and we are actively following its course closely as we enact new measures to best ensure safety for our patients and healthcare practitioners.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience.

We look forward to seeing you! Thank you and be well!

Stay Home if You Are Sick

Patients are asked to be cognizant of their own physical health. Please stay home if you become ill, or have any flu-like/potential COVID-19 symptoms at all (e.g.: fever, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, body aches, nausea, loss of smell/taste, etc).

Despite the fact that physical health can be treated through acupuncture, patients are asked to honestly disclose symptoms to best protect others during this sensitive time. If patients have been sick recently, had a fever recently, or are currently sick, we will reschedule their appointment to a later date. Patients must be symptom-free for at least ten days before rescheduling.

COVID-19 Screening and Consent to Treat

Patients are asked to complete the following during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. A new Screening Questionnaire for each office visit
  2. An Informed Consent to Treatment, once

Reduced Office Traffic

We have reduced the number of appointments per day and staggered our patients in an effort to best ensure social precautions are maintained. You are likely invited into one of our treatment rooms directly after entering the office.

Your safety is top priority for us. Community items in the reception area such as books and pamphlets have been removed temporarily to best maintain sanitary conditions. We ask that the office waiting area and treatment rooms be reserved only for patients during this sensitive time. All family members are asked to wait outside of the office, with the exception of primary care givers necessary for patient mobility and safety.

Remove Shoes

Kindly remove your street shoes upon entering the office and place them on the shoe mat near the front door. If you are uncomfortable walking in stocking feet, you are welcome to bring a pair of comfy house slippers or house shoes that have not been worn in the shared medical parking lot.

The CDC indicates that COVID-19 is carried on the soles of shoes, and as a result, patients and practitioners shall remove our street shoes when they enter the office to best maintain a sanitary environment.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Patients are welcome to use the hand sanitizing stations distributed throughout the office. There is a touch-free hand sanitizing station strategically placed just inside the front door of the office. Please use it upon entering and exiting the space.

In addition, there is hand sanitizer located in each treatment room for your use. The CDC recommends frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds with warm/hot water and soap, or the use of hand sanitizer after coming in contact with any potentially shared spaces.

Please know that the Liferoot healthcare practitioners wash their hands before AND after every contact with patients. All shared surfaces are wiped down prior to you entering the office, including door knobs, countertops, bathrooms, chairs, and treatment tables. In addition, all treatment room sheets are laundered according to CDC recommendations.

Social Precautions

Patients are expected to maintain social precautions to the best of their abilities. This includes wearing a mask at all times while inside the office. Remember masks are not just to protect you; they protect other potentially vulnerable people from possible infection.

For your safety, it is still important to follow social precautions while wearing a mask. The CDC recommends wearing a face covering over the nose and mouth while in the community setting as well as maintaining a distance of six feet or more between individuals.

In the case of essential, hands-on medical treatment where individuals are closer than six feet of their practitioner, we utilize masks, gloves, and thorough hand washing before and after every contact. Please refrain from touching your mask, your face, or your eyes during this time; if you accidentally do so, wash or sanitize your hands.

We ask that you put your cell phone away while in the office and to step outside to make any necessary calls.