Serene H

August 2017

We came to Kym seeking treatment for my daughter who has had over a year of intense chemotherapy. The chemotherapy treatment had left my daughter feeling severe nerve pain in her legs and feet. Knowing that we had at least another year of treatment, we wanted to seek out some natural treatment for nerve pain. We told Kym our story and she immediately made room for us in her schedule.

Kym met with my daughter and helped her feel safe and calm which is very important considering everything that my daughter had been through. After two visits with Kym the pain in my daughter’s legs and feet began to subside. Soon, the pain completely diminished which is incredible considering that my daughter was still taking the chemotherapy that was causing the issue in the first place! Kym’s knowledge and expertise has been a huge part of my daughter’s treatment and we don’t know what we would have done without her.

We are forever thankful.

Results may vary.


August 2017

I’ve been going to see both Kym for many years now for acupuncture. Kym is amazing! Liferoot is truly a wonderful healing environment. The treatments have really helped a variety of health issues, and the suggestions for healing foods, herbs, other supplements.

This place is awesome…. I keep telling all of my Tucson friends to go here!

Results may vary.

Lora R

August 2017

I’m a nurse and a cancer patient using all non-toxic, bio-individualized therapies to keep my cancer in remission. I’ve loved my acupuncture sessions, moxibustion, and cupping with Kym over the years I’ve lived in Tucson; [Kym] became my greatest resource, healer and cheerleader when I discovered I had cancer. I was over-extended and ignoring energy practices, and Kym welcomed me back for intensive healing with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I found that energy healing is the cornerstone of staying well.

Acupuncture with Kym keeps my meridians aligned and energy flowing freely. I can count on staying well and feeling terrific, no matter how exciting my health challenges appear, thanks to Kym’s expertise and generosity.

Results may vary.

Jen S

July 2017

I am in my late 30s and have been struggling with infertility for years. After one stillbirth at 38 weeks and a miscarriage I was devastated. I have tried many fertility doctors and fertility treatments (multiple rounds of clomid and IUIs). My last resort was an IVF which I had scheduled for later this year. Doctors have done all kind of tests. All results came back negative and the diagnosis I got was unexplained infertility.

I was desperate. Earlier this year I had another failed IUI. I did an online search and found Kym. I started acupuncture to treat my infertility in late March. Kym is very patient, kind, and understanding of my background, pain and heartache. She keeps my hope up. I go to Kym once a week. In early June (only after about 3 months of acupuncture treatment), I found out that I am pregnant naturally! I was ecstatic!

I truly believe it has something to do with acupuncture and Kym’s healing touch. Even my doctor was surprised to find out I was pregnant naturally.

The results are not instant, but I truly believe in Acupuncture. It has helped me balance my body, increase the quality of my eggs, and help me get pregnant again naturally.

Kym and her acupuncture treatments have done some miraculous work in my body and reproductive systems. She is such an awesome lady and I sincerely thank her for all she has done for me.

I know the struggles with infertility are real; I share this success story and the benefits of acupuncture to other women and mothers who are struggling with infertility.

It’s going to be a long journey for me, but I am positive.

Thank you Kym from the bottom of my heart! You are awesome!

Results may vary.

Tania C

June 2017

I suffered a nasty bout of flu recently and almost canceled my appointment with Kym because I was so sick. Good thing that I went in to see her; Kym recommended an acupuncture treatment that addressed my flu symptoms and some herbal medications. I started feeling better the next day. And my husband, who had the same strain of flu, took three weeks to recover.

Results may vary.

Carol F

June 2017

Without my acupuncture treatments I would not be doing as well as I am, especially now that I am undergoing chemotherapy and soon, radiation for breast cancer. I made it through the surgery without having to take any pain medicine. I am still working and maintaining a fairly normal daily routine.

My friend Maggie, who has been great as she takes me to chemo has said that I am doing very well during the chemo because of the acupuncture. Coming from Maggie, this is high praise. Prior to her helping me, she helped a friend go through treatment for throat cancer. He had a rough time physically and mentally. He is doing well now.

I am so grateful for how well I am doing, as I have just finished with chemo and am preparing for radiation. I know in my heart that I would not be doing so well if I had not chosen to use acupuncture as a co-treatment with my chemo and radiation.

THANK YOU Kym for your healing skills and patience through all of this. I don’t even try to think of how it might have been without your help.

Results may vary.

Leona F

June 2017

On January 31, I woke up feeling fine. I made coffee and notice my lips were not molding to the cup as usual. I continued to try and drink it. My mouth would go one way and the coffee the other. I got scared and thought I was having a stroke. I still had no pain and looking in the mirror I looked fine. After calling my daughter, a nurse practitioner, I decided to go to Urgent Care. They could not rule out stroke and never mentioned Bell’s palsy. I was transported from Urgent care to the emergency room at a local hospital. The EMTs were asking questions as if I had a stroke.

Upon arriving at the hospital the emergency room doctor straight away said I had Bell’s palsy. She asked questions, had me move my arms, legs, and move my face up and down and smile. I was given a blood test and CAT scan to rule out stroke. Over the next two hours my face slowly twisted to the side, from right to left. I could not drink without a straw. Saw a neurologists in the ER who also confirmed it was Bell’s palsy and said there was nothing to do but wait. It could take weeks, months, or years to clear up. I left the hospital with steroids and antiviral pills: standard prescription for Bell’s palsy. It’s not known why it happens, could be viral, could be stress.

That day I came home and did my own Internet search on Bell’s palsy. I was amazed at how prevalent it is, and there is no cure.

After watching a few [YouTube videos] and reading what others had done, I mapped out my plan of action. I’m a singer and wanted to postpone my vocal lessons, my coaches encouraged me to sing as it may help with the stress. I also called my acupuncturist and explained my ordeal to her. Some of the [YouTube videos] had suggested acupuncture. So the next day I went to my singing lesson, and then to acupuncture. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect.

Thankfully Kym Kleiman of Liferoot Acupuncture is a skilled well trained acupuncturist and has experience with Bell’s palsy. She pulled out all her techniques and used them on me, I trusted her. For over 4 week I had a treatment two or three times a week. I also used affirmations from Louise Hay, forgiveness prayers, facial massage, and positive thoughts, in addition to singing. I had two performances schedules, and did not cancel. By February 26th I was about 90 percent cured, no one at the performance knew I had Bell’s palsy, it did not affect my voice and my face was almost normal. This was less than a month of my combined acupuncture, prayer, singing, positive thoughts. I only succumb to feeling sorry for my self a few times.

I still have dry right eye and some on-again off-again tingling on the right side of my face. I believe the nerve is still healing and I’m grateful.

Bottom line I believe starting acupuncture the day after the onset of Bell’s palsy in addition to the antiviral, steroids and positive mental outlook are the reason for my quick recovery. So thankful that I am open to the healing power of the universe however it shows up.

Results may vary.

Beth H

December 2016

I have been seeing Kym Kleiman since the spring of 2016. I originally came to her because I had a reoccurrence of debilitating and unexplainable skin conditions.

Six years ago I had the first flare ups of these skin conditions. The skin on my face, neck, and chest would swell up and literally dissolve into an oozing serious mess, and then cake over into an excruciatingly painful and itchy mask. This kept reoccurring over and over again. I originally went to numerous dermatologists who prescribed steroids and antibiotics and then more steroids and antibiotics. The treatments did not have any effect on the condition. The only thing that the blood workups showed was that I had inflammation markers. No infectious components could be identified in tissue samples. Allergy elimination diets also had no effect on the condition.

In desperation I tried acupuncture and energetic work with remarkable results. My skin completely healed with no scarring. I did not have any more flare-ups until spring of 2016 after the death of my father.

I feel very honored and blessed to have found Kym. She is a remarkable acupuncturist and healer. She is extremely conscientious, down to earth, and has a great outlook and sense of humor. She has incredible skill and intuition in her practice and exhibits a profound caring in her work with people. The office is warm, welcoming, and beautiful. The team of professionals she has chosen to collaborate with her offer a well-rounded holistic healing space. I am also greatly impressed with her choices of the supplements, traditional Chinese medicines, and ear beads that she uses in her practice. She chooses companies that are reputable, conscientious, and use high quality ingredients and techniques.

My work with her and her team has offered a profound healing for me on a very deep level. The holistic approach heals mind, body, and spirit. I am experiencing a level of health that I have never had before and I believe that the work we are doing addresses root causes of the external conditions versus suppressing the underlying condition.

I wholeheartedly recommend her and her team.

Results may vary.

Jo N

December 2016

You [Kym] gave me relief and hope during the most horrific pain in my life: bilateral acute achilles tendinitis. Started mid-September, and I did not see you until I was over six weeks in with no relief.

I laid in bed for 6 weeks, in so much pain ( I’m embarrassed to tell people how much it HURT!). The Orthopedic famous center prescribed boots that were $499. I bought one and got the exact other one the same day for $78 on Amazon. Huh.

I could not get up without help to go to the bathroom, get to the kitchen, and the giant mobilizing boots (they weigh as much as ½ of my body weight and are very unstable) caused me to fall the second day I wore them! Resulting in a coccyx fracture to ‘Boot”—I’m trying to make it funny but it is NOT.

I was seriously a bit skeptical, but after the first 30 minutes of your treatment I definitely felt… not magic… but holy cow, a difference!

However, on exactly the fifth day of having had my acupuncture with you, wow, all of a sudden I could actually stand up in the morning and only scream OUCH! OUCH! a few times getting to the bathroom.

Second visit was better than the first. You placed the needles in different places and by the time I was out of your office, I didn’t feel better, but I felt hopeful. I had been religious in taking the RX’s Chinese remedies you prescribed and I truly believe they aided in my becoming to be pain free.

(Or just pain - less!).

Exactly 5 days after your treatment (AGAIN) I had such an unreal release of pain that it was so real but I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I am curious why it took five days to kick in, like the last visit. But I don’t care. It worked!

Third visit, better than the first two, and I could go on and on, my dear Kym, but you absolutely changed the route of this healing process which I know is long, but you gave me so much hope and truly awesome therapy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As well as my husband, who is so relieved that someone could give me verifiable pain relief without drugs or more casts and boots to immobilize me.

I am so grateful for your technique (can I say zero painless or would that be ridiculous?) and the soothing environment you put me in. I fell asleep during every visit, because I could feel my muscles relax so awesomely! Yesterday, I actually got on my Asics and walked around Home Depot with Eric for half an hour. Came home, no pain. Today, minimal achilles soreness—I’ll take that any day!—and I know I am on the road to recovery. My tailbone area that you really focused on is 90% great. I’m saving my last visit for sometime in the future for maintenance!

God Bless You and if I can tell anyone else in horrible pain, please let them call me! I will trust you to give them my phone number.

Results may vary.

Artesia T

May 2016

First-class service at LIferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts, great advice and suggestions. Very happy to have found them.

Results may vary.

Edward A

May 2016

I went for treatment of my anxiety and felt the difference the next day. The people at Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts are very welcoming and my acupuncturist Kym Kleiman was awesome. It was a very comfortable for my first acupuncture experience.

Results may vary.

Jill W

May 2016

I LOVE Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing [Arts]!!!

I have had Nasal Polyps for years and the ONLY solution was Prednisone… or so I thought. I have been getting Massages and Reiki from Shannon [at Liferoot] for years; so when i decided to try another way to get rid of the polyps, Acupuncture was at the top of the list.

Kym is AWESOME!! She explained everything to me and took time to get to know me and my body. She is wonderful at placing the needles in a way that I don’t even feel. Trust me, I do feel some, and she lets me know what to expect and those don’t hurt once they are placed. Acupuncture is relaxing, I fall asleep every time and feel wonderful afterwards. My polyps have shrank, I can smell, taste, and I don’t have harsh chemicals in my body.

Thank you Kym for helping me “smell the roses” of everyday life.

Results may vary.

Theresa S

May 2016

Kym is willing to listen and then advise you on what she believes the best treatment would be. Kym checks with you every visit to make sure everything is working; if something is not working for you, Kym makes changes.

Excellent [Liferoot] Acupuncture & Healing Arts. I highly recommend to anyone.

Results may vary.

Abby S

May 2016

Always a great experience at Liferoot! Blessed to have Kym in my life! She is truly a gifted healer!

Results may vary.

R.L. - Frozen Shoulder

March 2016

Kym at Liferoot Acupuncture was one of my lifelines during my 18-month journey through frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Not only is Kym an exceptional acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner whose treatments helped steadily break up the adhesions and soothe pain and inflammation, she is also a compassionate, gentle, authentic, and wise healer who, having experienced the condition herself, had many recommendations and insights beyond the treatments. Besides her helpful treatments, she always had the perfect, soothing, encouraging thing to say at the right time during the highs and lows of a very challenging process.

Now 99% healed, I can say that I will always include Kym in my health care. Tucson is fortunate to have such a dedicated and skilled resource among us.

Results may vary.


February 2016

I have a condition that couldn’t be managed until I added acupuncture. Now I have a formula that works and I don’t mess with it.

Results may vary.

Anna H - General Health

February 2016

Kym and the amazing staff at Liferoot Acupuncture have been such a blessing to my own and my family’s health! It is a warm and welcoming environment and you know the minute you walk in you are in the good hands of caring professionals! The acupuncture therapy I have received from Kym has helped me through minor aches and pains, emotional challenges, and physical injury. It has been a huge healing element in my overall health and I can’t imagine not having it as a regular benefit to my health.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liferoot Acupuncture to anyone!

Results may vary.

Audrey V - Pregnancy

January 2016

Happy Mom I have seen Kym through two back-to-back pregnancies and she has treated a variety of issues: headaches, heartburn, insomnia, anxiety and even a hormonal issue that my primary care doctor told me I would just have to "suffer" through for the last 4 weeks of my last pregnancy. Kym gave me one treatment and an at-home care regimen that cured me in a week.

I’m forever grateful for her knowledge and expertise, and I credit her for helping me achieve two all-natural and easy water births. With one baby weighing 8lbs 12oz and the other an even 10lbs I don’t believe this would have been possible without regular visits to an incredibly gifted acupuncturist.

Thank you so much Kym!

Results may vary.

Chronic Fatigue

February 2015

Before coming to Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts, I had been diagnosed with sluggish liver, gall-bladder and thyroid. My energy levels were low. Every day I had to take a nap (HAD to). For a few years, I could hardly eat anything. Some days I could only eat one bowl of plain oatmeal. During the worst times (the more recent times), I would wake up in the night with a need to vomit. My doctor had no suggestions other than treating the nausea.

Instead, I wanted to get to the root of it. A friend of mine suggested I call Liferoot and make an appointment, and I did. Kym gave me an acupuncture treatment. I immediately felt some slight movement within my abdominal cavity. Something that I think was my liver or gall-bladder “waking up.” Kim also suggested two Chinese herbal formulas, which I have been taking.

After the first week, I noticed some things that indicated progress was continuing. For example, my bowels became more regular, and I ate almost normally again. A few months later, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays rolled around and I celebrated (feasted) along with everyone else.

It is now February (about 6 months after my initial appointment. My most recent appointment with Kym was yesterday. I’m eating normally (but still watching the types of foods I eat, for overall health). I have not had a single instance of waking up late at night with the need to vomit since I’ve been seeing Kym. I’ve had no negative side effects. I have had some positive side effects: my skin condition has been gradually improving, and my hair has felt silky (instead of dry as it had been).

I’ve recommended Liferoot Acupuncture and Healing Arts in Tucson to relatives, friends, and also to my barber! I cannot thank Kym enough for the amazing improvement!

Results may vary.

A Cancer Survivor

December 2014

I began seeing Kym shortly before starting chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer. Despite a pretty grueling regime of drugs, I felt relatively well and balanced throughout. I am convinced this is due to regular appointments at Liferoot. The acupuncture was instrumental in minimizing the side effects of the very toxic drugs required in the treatment of the cancer. In addition, Kym’s ability to specifically address whatever my concerns were at each visit significantly increased my overall feeling of well being. I ate well, worked full time at my job, and stayed active.

I am extremely grateful for the emotional and physical support that Liferoot Acupuncture has provided during this extremely difficult and stressful time in my life. I highly recommend anyone undergoing chemotherapy or any rigorous drug regime to consult with Liferoot Acupuncture as a way to minimize the impact and improve overall health.

Results may vary.

A Mother

October 2014

My daughter began treatment with Kym Kleiman when she was seven years old. Although she had been potty trained since 18 months old, for some reason she was completely unable to stay dry overnight. She had never had even one night of staying dry. We were using Goodnights padded pull ups in the largest size they made.

She became increasingly embarrassed about this issue. As she reached an age of overnights and camping trips she expressed concern about someone finding out and possibly teasing her. She requested some help since we had already tried limiting drinks before bed, reward charts, and waking her in the middle of the night with no success.

Kym used regular acupuncture, moxabustion and herbs and after only one month we saw irregular success. We started a sticker chart to track her progress. With consistent acupuncture and herbs she was staying dry on a regular basis after about two months. Her image of herself changed and she felt so proud and thankful. We are now six months out and she has no accidents at all.

We love Kym! Thank you so much.

View the daughter’s testimonial.

Results may vary.

Dahlia B

August 2014

I began going to Liferoot Acupuncture and seeing Kim Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child. I’ve heard great things about acupuncture and pregnancy, and this is why I decided to try it out. Kim put me at ease right away and I fell in love with acupuncture after my very first visit. Not only did acupuncture make me feel relaxed, at ease and healthier; it made me really enjoy my pregnancy.

I did not have any morning sickness, swelling or mood changes and I honestly believe it is because of the acupuncture treatments I received. I also left after each session feeling refreshed and with great energy. I knew acupuncture was great not only for my health and well–being but also for the child I was carrying, as it helps with circulation.

I also have seasonal allergies pretty bad, and acupuncture helped me stay off my daily allergy medication. I’ve been medicine-free for 8 months with zero symptoms. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kim Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. for helping me through my first pregnancy and making me love and enjoy each and every phase.

Results may vary.


July 2014

Great Experience!

Results may vary.


July 2014

I have been a client at Liferoot since 2011. It has been a peaceful and calm refuge and I have gone there for acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal consultations. The owners, Kym and Jude, are welcoming and professional, and I warmly recommend Liferoot Acupuncture to anyone seeking alternative health care. I had never had acupuncture before and was somewhat skeptical, but in my case, it proved to be just what I needed.

Results may vary.


July 2014

Kim found I was under work and family stress. After my treatment sent me home with some herbs to help my system get back in sync. I feel much better.

Results may vary.


July 2014

Dr. Kim is a most personable and delightful practitioner who is skillful and effective in the healing art of acupuncture! Every session I have had with her has given my life force valuable and insightful inspiration toward a more balanced living experience. Her sessions are so enjoyable I feel as if I have just been on a mini-vacation! Thank you!

Results may vary.


July 2014

Always look forward to my acupuncture visits! Kym is so easy going and very professional & knowledgeable. I leave there feeling refreshed and with a renewed energy!

Results may vary.


July 2014

Due to the treatment I am more restful, less anxiety, just need to get more energy. Thanks, Esther

Results may vary.

Brenda - Menopause

July 2014

I am truly grateful for Kym, Jude, Shannon and everyone at Liferoot!! Every experience is insightful, uplifting, relaxing, and healing...a delightful pleasure! :-) Receiving treatments and guidance with nutrition, herbs, and other supplements has significantly reduced my symptoms related to menopause. I highly recommend anyone struggling with night sweats or hot flashes to schedule an appointment immediately at Liferoot. It will be the beginning of a new you...and you deserve it! Thank you, Kym and Jude for your knowledge and big hearts!!

Results may vary.

Patty - Tennis Elbow

July 2014

I love Liferoot Acpuncture! It is a very peacful environment and you are treated with the upmost respect. Kim provides execellent treatments and takes her time to hear your concerns. I had tennis elbow... had a steroid shot... and of course it wore off. Not wanting to have another I chose acupuncture with Liferoot - and now I am free of pain! I come monthly to keep all my chi in check.

Results may vary.

Louie - Bilateral Neuropathy

July 2014

I have been a client at Liferoot for two years. I have bilateral neuropathy. To date, acupuncture is the only thing that has helped. Besides acupuncture, Kim has helped me many other ways such as her thoughts on food, nutrition, and good vibes on life in general. Jude is great at reminding me of upcoming appointments and helps me understand how herbal supplements benefit good health and clarity. I have had only a few massages, and I felt like a king when done. Love it all! I highly recommend Liferoot to anyone looking into acupuncture and the healing arts, it will change your life.

Results may vary.

Lauren - Thyroid

July 2014

I started seeing Kym a few years ago when I was having problems with my thyroid. After a year of acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbs and following Kym’s nutritional recommendations, my thyroid levels stabilized. I am so grateful that I didn’t start taking prescription drugs that my medical doctor had prescribed for me. I continue to receive maintenance acupuncture treatments. If anything is out of whack with my body, Kym focuses on that issue and continues to give me nutritional recommendations to help maintain my good health. She and Jude are very warm and caring.

Results may vary.

Roger M - Chronic Pain

April 2014

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I’ve had chronic pain for more than 10 years and have seen orthopedists, chiropractors and pain specialists. No one has given me as much relief as you have. This is surprising to me. I had one one previous experience with an acupuncturist and it was not a good one. You were recommended to me by my primary care physician in whom I have a great deal of faith. Otherwise I would never have tried your service.

You office and staff are very professional and friendly. I would gladly recommend you to others. Thank you for helping me and I will definitiely be seeing you again.

Results may vary.

Dawn - Chemical Sensitivities and Lyme Disease

March 2014

When I first came to Kym, I was very sick. In 2002, I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease. Unfortunately, I was not officially diagnosed until 2009 which means the disease wreaked havoc on my body for 7 years. I saw many, many, many doctors all over the country to help with my never-ending symptoms of fatigue, pain, neurological issues, migraines, chemical sensitivities, allergies and anxiety.

It was not until I found Kym Kleiman L.Ac. at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson, AZ that I started to see great improvement! I went from barely walking into a store because of all of the scents and chemicals to now going to church, shop, travel and work full-time from home.

She is extremely wise about the treatments she prescribes for me. What a normal person can handle as a far as treatments is completely different than what my body can handle. Kym recognizes that and adjusts accordingly. She is cautious and deliberate in her actions. I can honestly say that there is no one like her! I tell everyone I meet what she has done for me personally and my family.

I encourage you to make an appointment to have Kym assist you in achieving your health goals. She will get you there! We literally thought that I would be housebound for the rest of my life; however, God used Kym to change all of that. I am a walking testimony of how amazing she is!

Results may vary.

Brent - Trauma

November 2013

I’ve seen Kym for a solid year of weekly sessions, and below I’ll explain the progression of healing I experienced since my first visit in November 2012, which was a slow progression of intense healing experiences.

After a traumatic event in August 2012 I experienced extreme depression, amnesia, lack of physical and emotional functionality; an all-time low. This triggered trauma from my past and I decided to heal from it to move forward in a positive direction in life. I saw multiple psychologists/therapists but was quickly turned off by the judgmental, manipulative nature of their sessions. Also, the traditional philosophy of psychology that I experienced seemed to revolve around solely learning how to deal with the past using textbook techniques rather than complete holistic personal transformation, which is more along the lines of what I sought for my life.

I decided to give acupuncture with Kym a try in hopes of some kind of fundamental energy shift, to improve my poor physical and mental well being. First Kym gave recommendations for a new diet including organic and healthy foods, herbs and supplements. I then started to sleep properly, and after ~3 months I started to have enough energy to (physically) function throughout my days. I’m very adamant about my nutrition and sleep now.

As for the sessions themselves, after a couple months or so I started to take Kym’s treatments seriously when I started to experience uncontrollable bodily reactions to strong emotions related to recent (and childhood) trauma during and after my sessions, near the 3-4 month mark. During Kym’s sessions it was surreal observing my brain break free of the emotional patterns my mind had programmed from years of negative social conditioning. There were many weeks where emotions would pour from my body relating to past experiences I never dealt with before. I learned a lot about my emotions during this time.

This proceeded to the 10 month mark of weekly sessions. The (intense) compassionate and non-judgmental nature of Kym’s practice took its toll on my negative views of (and lack of hope for) society, and led to an emotional enlightenment and feelings of love for people, which was very powerful at the time. My "emotional deadness" waned (as Dr. Brad Blanton would say) and my body physically started to feel lighter and more active. I started to have enough energy, emotionally, to handle challenging situations.

At the 11 month mark there was a period I experienced feelings of transference with Kym while letting go of the past, and Kym handled this professionally and effectively for me. I began my transition from a codependent state to an independent one (according to Dr. Stephen Covey’s literature), where I realized I didn’t need anything from anyone to be happy, and processed this internally. Letting go of the past during this time was like experiencing a death of my weaker self and of my memories, which was a grueling process at the time, but has enabled me to be emotionally fit to handle real-life situations as a man, and to be more present to the moment.

There were times when Shannon [Sullivan, LMT] offered support, too, during vulnerable visits where I would unexpectedly drop by to be in a safe place when I needed to be. I feel this was a powerful time growing into a man and transforming holistically into a stronger, healthier person, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or judgmental diagnosis. The huge amount of support Kym had for me during this time of my life really meant something special and allowed for a personal transformation that otherwise may not have been as possible or doable.

Given Kym’s background and knowledge of what she does, I give Kym the highest recommendation as a Great healer who genuinely cares about her patients. I’m very glad this chapter of my life took place at Liferoot Acupuncture & Healing Arts.

Results may vary.

Carmen H

September 2013

Like many patients, I arrived at acupuncture with a specific presenting issue. However, I didn’t have an expectation, more an openness and a desire to understand my role in relation to my presenting symptom. So, like all good things, the purpose has evolved.

This approach has taught me that acupuncture is primarily about my soul. It is about taking the time to care for my soul—not in a religious sense, but in a spiritual sense. It’s about feeling more connected to myself, as a result, and taking the time to honor that.

I believe that acupuncture treatments and the results are very different for each individual. Just as we are unique creations, the treatment approach is uniquely tailored to embrace each person’s medical needs, personality, emotional state, and spiritual connection. I do not feel like a passive patient on the acupuncture table; I feel that I am an active participant in my healing. The acupuncture serves as a catalyst to lead me in the most healing direction; I choose to go. In this way, there is no room for expectations because what I get out of each acupuncture session is exactly what I need in that moment. It is different every time and that is part of the beauty.

A lot of what happens during acupuncture is increased clarity. I obtain clarity about my life—my pending decisions, my feelings, my health, my relationships, my past mistakes. It’s about seeing the various possibilities and having one ring true with the clear melody that makes sense in my life.

For me, acupuncture is also about remembering. It’s about recalling the events of my life with wisdom and without the fear of reliving them. It’s about honoring past experiences and how they have shaped me, molded me, and grown me. It is about seeing the past with the aforementioned clarity and feeling grateful for every step of the journey.

Acupuncture is truly about seeing things through a spiritual lens. I’ve often thought, while lying on the acupuncture table, that it must be just a fleeting glimpse of how God feels watching us with such clarity, wisdom, and the divine ability to see the end result. That experience alone has forever altered me.

Acupuncture is about love. It’s about self-love and then learning to become transparent with spiritual love. It is about self-acceptance. It is about the willingness to admit weakness and to ask for help. Through acupuncture I accept the blessing of vulnerability and the beautiful transformation that happens through the blend of human brokenness.

Acupuncture is about listening to my body. It’s about physical healing with a spiritual and emotional impetus. It’s about not running, it’s about taking a moment to honor the still center. It’s about recognizing my spiritual gifts and learning to use them.

Acupuncture is a paradox. There are unnecessary or unhealthy things that are drawn out of me. The healthy parts of me are put together in a most organized productive, and balanced fashion. The whole process is like moving forward lifetimes while being so still. I connect to pain so that I can cry tears of joy. I discover my optimum potential and embrace it. I recognize that the answer was in me all along with an eye opening, empowering joy. In the surrender I receive exactly what I need.

Results may vary.

Karen K - Allergy

July 2013

Kym’s acupuncture treatments have been the only thing that have alleviated my terrible allergies. After just one treatment I felt completely better. Suddenly my head wasn’t foggy and I wasn’t constantly dizzy and sleepy.

Thanks Kym!

Results may vary.

Mary L - Hepatitis C

February 2013

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C virus 2 years ago and at that time the Doctors recommended that I do Interferon treatment to arrest the virus. My viral load at the time was 3,000,000 and my liver enzyme levels were 4 times the normal range. As an alternative to Interferon therapy I chose to do acupuncture with Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson, AZ to treat the Hepatitis C.

Kym has been treating me with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs for the past 2 years. My last blood panel showed my liver enzyme levels were almost normal and my viral load was down to 100,000, which is major progress.

I find Kym to be a loving and supportive Practitioner and I will continue to see her to maintain good physical and mental health.

Results may vary.

Nancy O - Cold and Flu

January 2013

My heartfelt thanks to you and Dr. Kym for my treatment yesterday.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so miserable. I came home and slept til 1:30 and kept the rest of the day very low key. By Sunday, I felt like a new person!! I’ll keep taking the lung medicine til it’s gone and will see you both next Sat.

Thanks ever so much!

Results may vary.

Rebecca S - Feels Good

December 2012

After my acupuncture session with Kym Kleiman I felt wonderful, almost euphoric. I have not felt like that in a long time. Thank you!

Results may vary.

Gretchen N - Fertility

November 2012

I can not say enough great things about the healing powers of "Dr. Kimberly Kleiman" and the Liferoot Acupuncture team! I was new to Tucson and did not know where to begin to find the right acupuncturist for me, and felt completely grateful I found her practice online! I was not sure what to expect or if it would work for my medical issues, but "Dr. Kleiman" gave me immediate reassurance and confidence in acupuncture.

I had been seeing a few medical specialists in the region that were unable to find anything out of the ordinary, but my symptoms would not go away! Although I continued to go down the path of testing and western doctors, I also reached out to "Dr. Kleiman" in hopes that she could provide me with some alternative support for the symptoms. Additionally, since my health issues had to do with the reproductive region of my body, and I wanted to get pregnant in the near future, I was eager to see if she could help.

To my great relief my body started to "act normal" and the symptoms completely disappeared in a few months. It was so amazing!! I thought I would never feel better, and I would have to live with my new condition. "Dr. Kleiman" not only helped relieve my symptoms, but we also spent time preparing my body to get pregnant. In fact, we got pregnant the first month we tried!!! It was very exciting and I know it had everything to do with working with "Dr. Kleiman" for about 6 months getting my body ready.

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to meet my baby girl. Thank you so much "Dr. Kleiman" for your expertise and dedication to helping my body get balanced and happy!

Results may vary.

Tracy J

October 2012

When I first came to Liferoot, I did not feel well. I had a long-term urinary tract infection, my energy level was low, I felt sick inside and life was a real struggle.

Upon entering Liferoot’s building, I felt transported to a place of healing and peace. This is so important, especially when your nervous system is bombarded with the stresses of life and when you are suffering from physical discomfort, to experience calm and tranquility. The term "good feng shui" comes to mind when I think of the ambience and decor of Liferoot Acupuncture.

And then there are the people who make up Liferoot’s staff.

First, is Kym, who I credit with having turned my life around. Using acupuncture and supplements, I no longer have the bladder infections. In fact, the pain associated with that condition is completely gone and I can’t believe how wonderful a normal bladder feels! My energy level is much improved and the overall "sick" feeling is gone. Kym’s ability to know what was needed for my recovery has earned my trust in her to manage my healthcare.

Jude, the staff herbologist and office administrator, is also an asset to the overall experience at Liferoot. She is very helpful at making a person feel at home while waiting for an appointment.

Marissa, Liferoot’s fitness consultant, is a Registered Nurse who did a comprehensive physical assessment and gave me useful information regarding my metabolism. She has also created a new workout routine, introducing new exercises that are having a positive effect.

I have been to many healthcare practitioners over my 45-year lifespan. And I just have to say that Liferoot has beneifitted my health more than any other place. I can feel the results and I look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come!

Results may vary.

June K

June 2012

Kym is a compassionate and knowledgeable healer. I came to Kym after having stomach issues for some time. After only one treatment, I felt the best I did in 4 months. She’s amazing.

Results may vary.

A Letter

June 2012

Dear Kym,

Thank you for all the healing you have done for our family. We are so blessed to have you as our acupuncturist. You have made our lives so much better by healing us.

Thank you for all the care and kind words and patience you have with Debbie. You are such a wonderful, caring person. Vanessa is so sweet, we enjoy seeing her every week with her smile.

Thank you so much,
love G, D, and K.

Results may vary.

Michele A - Fertility

April 2012

I admit I was a skeptic before I started coming here. But last July I thought I would give it a shot. My first session, I felt relaxed. My second session, I didn’t feel different at all and began to doubt. My third session, I felt beyond relaxed, and by this time I noticed that I had actually been sleeping better and feeling calmer.

After my 4th or 5th session I found out I was pregnant. Previously, it took 6 months of fertility treatments to get pregnant with my first child after 7 YEARS of not conceiving on our own. A little over a month of acupuncture with Kym and not only was I pregnant naturally, I felt really really great. Now I am seeing her in my final month to get my body nourished and strong for birth, and eventually for labor induction.

I love this place and highly recommend it. I tell everyone I know.

Results may vary.

Gilbert P - Advanced Spinal Stenosis

March 2012

For seven years I had walked with a limp and stooped over. I could not straighten up. I could not remain standing for any length of time. At times it was painful even to roll over in bed. I was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis to an advanced degree.

At the suggestion of a friend I went to Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture. At half a dozen treatments, I can stand up straight and to remain standing. I no longer limp and I have no stenosis pain.

Results may vary.

Maya G - Fibromyalgia

March 2012

Though I was initially skeptical about how acupuncture could help my fibromyalgia when nothing else could, not a day goes by that I am not grateful that I was introduced to Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson. After only a couple of treatments I started to see results. I was sleeping better, thinking clearer, and I had less pain. After a few months my life had changed completely. I feel the way I did before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There is no doubt in my mind that Kym’s treatments are the reason why I am able to do well in school, and maintain a normal level of activity.

The treatments I received at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson gave me my life back.

Results may vary.

Helene J - Lower extremity pain

December 2011

Healthcare is a partnership between you and your provider. Over the past several years, I have worked in partnership with Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson with truly excellent results on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. When I began getting acupuncture from Kym, I was in extreme pain in my feet and legs, very overweight with no desire to do anything about it and emotionally and spiritually tired of being. My life had become very limited. Not because of the pain, but just because.

Today, I am pain free and much more mobile, I have a joy of being, and I am doing things I only thought about and I am losing the weight. Kym listened, worked hard to adjust my treatments to my needs and has demonstrated not only an outstanding proficiency in her craft but a genuine concern and care for my whole being. What more could one ask for in partnership when bettering one’s life? The key is the work you both commit to, the willingness to try different approaches in the treatment and the honesty between you and your provider as you go through the process. I found all of this with Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Results may vary.

Father Bob - Emphysema

December 2011

I am an octogenarian Roman Catholic priest diagnosed with stage 3 emphysema and 50% lung capacity. After being told to stay as active as I can and that nothing more medically can be done, a nurse referred me to Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson. I have been a lifelong skeptic about alternative approaches to medicine. With hesitation I went with the least bit of hope that something good might happen.

To my amazement, returning home I climbed the stairs without huffing and puffing. I was so surprised I did it again with a witness to verify it.

The skeptic has become a believer because I know now, after 5 treatments, I am breathing easier and better. I am still amazed at what is happening with me and I am grateful for it.

Results may vary.

Roxi S of Seattle - Respiratory Ailment

November 2011

Just before I left for vacation in Tucson, I came down with a respiratory illness Luckily, my Tucson friends were acquainted with Kym Kleiman’s healing abilities and gave me a referral to see her at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson. Kym fit me into her busy schedule the next morning. She put me at ease immediately with her calm, competent, compassionate manner, then treated me with cupping, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. Amazingly, later that same day I felt so much better I hit the tennis courts!

Thanks to Kym’s effective treatment, I could really enjoy the rest of my vacation.

Results may vary.

Michelle S

October 2011

I had been suffering from tennis elbow for about 1 year. I tried massage and went to my chiropractor. While both treatments helped, as soon as I went back to normal activities, I was again in pain.

I went and saw Kym and was absolutely amazed at the pain relief I achieved after the first treatment. I would say I felt about 75% better after that first treatment and daily activities did not aggravate my elbow. I am now on my 4th treatment and I’m only getting better.

Once the elbow is fixed I can’t wait to see what else she can help me with!

Results may vary.

Cynthia M, R.Ph. - Joint Inflammation

August 2011

Dear "Dr. Kleiman:"

Even with this awful humidity, my knees and ankles are much improved this week. I am walking much better and the aching has decreased substantially. The Acupuncture treatments are lasting much longer now, and I am so pleased! Being a pharmacist it would seem I would reach for traditional medicines first, but in fact, since beginning the Acupuncture Treatments and taking the Herbal Formulas I have stopped ALL anti-inflammatory drugs and still have great results. I am also sleeping much better.

Thank you Vanessa and "Dr. Kleiman."

Results may vary.

Catherine R

July 2011

It’s the excellent patient service you bring that gives me confidence to such care at Liferoot Acupuncture.

Results may vary.

Wendy L (for Rebekah 15 years old) - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

March 2011

In September 2010 Rebekah’s aunt suggested that we try Acupuncture for pain management. This was a "last resort" attempt to combat her pain due to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (crps). Rebekah’s former medical treatment involved several pain medications that left her feeling tired and depressed for over a year. She has been receiving Acupuncture for 7 months and is now 100% pain-free, and medication-free.

We owe it all to Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. of Liferoot Acupuncture for her superb treatment.

Results may vary.

The Lee’s - Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

March 2011

We have been dealing with mom’s Shingles (Herpes Zoster) nerve pains since Sept. of last year. It has been 5 months and it seems like she has not had any relief. All the medication the doctors order for her just made her condition worse. She would hallucinate and scream for hours. It was very difficult for my husband and myself to deal with her nerve attacks. We did not know how to calm her down, and many times it was very scary for me. Finally, my sister mentioned that we should try acupuncture.

Kym, know how pleased we have been with your practice. You customized mom’s treatment plan to fit her needs. Your skills, experiences and ability to treat her as an individual have truly changed her life. Her pain has lessened after each treatment. Her hallucinations are gone. Your focus on Chinese herbs has helped her to sleep better at night.

Special thanks to your staff, Vanessa and Jude, in scheduling her appointments and reminding us when to come in.

We recommend Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac at Liferoot Acupuncture to anyone who is in severe nerve pain. They will surelybenefit from her care. Instead of suppressing symptoms, acupuncture helps the body to stimulate balance and healing.

Results may vary.

Lisa B RN - Allergy Relief

February 2011

When I started receiving Acupuncture from Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture in Tucson a few months ago, I had recently met the man of my dreams,except he has4cats and I was terribly allergic to cats. I had to find something to help me get past the allergy so I could stay with this man. Also, I had bad seasonal allergies, and I was hoping to find relief for that too.

After only a few Acupuncture treatments with Kym Kleiman, my allergies are about 90% better, andI can be at my man’s house and not suffer fromthe cats. I also feel like my immune system and mygeneral constitution is stronger.

Kym knows how to customize her work to what her client needs. She can help with all kinds of problems that a person might have,physical and emotional.I find my sessions to be so relaxing. I use it as a way to find down time after a hard week at work. Kym has changed my life for the better in more than one way.

Thanks Kym! Oh, and her staff is also wonderful.

Results may vary.

Joanne M

February 2011

This place has such a good energy!

Results may vary.

Paula T

October 2010

I came to Liferoot Acupuncture with the aim of going off birth control pills once and for all. I had tried repeatedly in the past, but each time I would stop the pill my face would develop terrible acne. On the pill my skin was perfectly clear, yet I had all sorts of GI issues, mood problems, and no libido. I had found some success with acupuncture in the past, but in the long term I would always end up breaking out and going back on the pill. Traditional dermatology did not help at all. It seemed I was doomed to a life of artificial hormones with terrible side effects, or a life of acne.

Not only has Kym kept my skin clear after stopping the pill, but it seems like she’s done it effortlessly. I sometimes forget that is the reason I initially came to see her because it’s actually never become an issue. During my first month off the pill I started to break out and thought, "Here we go again," but she took one look, adjusted my herbs, and my face has been clear ever since. Kym is focused and intent during our sessions, and I feel that she uses the perfect blend of TCM and intuition to develop my treatments. Her technique is also excellent: I’ve actually stopped seeing acupuncturists in the past because of painful needling, but with Kym I rarely even feel the needles go in. Thanks to Kym I have gone from looking for a cure to my hormonal acne to the goal of becoming a more balanced person in all aspects of my life.

Results may vary.

Brooke P

August 2010

I have been receiving treatments from Kym for years. Kym always creates a relaxed atmosphere for her treatments. She takes each client’s individual needs, story, and personality into account to create a personalized treatment plan. She also offers great advice on diet and other lifestyle factors. I always feel a difference immediately during and after Kym’s treatments, and I always look forward to them!

Results may vary.

Kata O - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

July 2010

I first went to Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac., two years ago for carpel tunnel syndrome, because acupuncture had completely resolved this problem for me several years prior. I also had gotten relief from arthritis symptoms with acupuncture at that time as well. However up to that time, Acupuncture had not helped my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (mcs) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cfs) symptoms.

I was happy to find an acupuncturist who was environmentally safe and took seriously my need to not be exposed to products and their vapors that trigger reactions for me. Kym has always been fine with me bringing my own sheets which I know I can tolerate, and my air filter for those occasions when a prior patient’s scented products can still be smelled in the treatment room. (Although patients are asked to not wear scented products, as those of us who are chemically sensitive know some [people] do not really understand what that means.) Kym has also been willing to use whatever antiseptic I tolerate.

I was really impressed with Kym’s philosophy of supporting my body’s healing process. I never felt that she was trying to impose a healing modality on my body, but truly working with it. Her process is gentle, yet thorough.

Amazingly I have improved dramatically. Now most of the time my lungs are clear, and my sinuses much less inflamed. My energy level has greatly improved as well as my ability to digest food. My joints are also less stiff and achy.

I am not fully cured and do not know if I ever will be. I am much healthier than I have been for at least 20 years and I am actually hopeful about my future. I feel truly blessed to have experienced this healing process with Kym.

Thank you, Kym and thank you, Jude. You have created a lovely healing environment at Liferoot Acupuncture of Tucson.

Results may vary.

Don C - Back Pain

July 2010

I play golf, and for years have been limited by back pain. My normal golf day routine included Advil before I played, more Advil immediately after I played, and still more Advil that night so I could attempt to sleep after playing.

After receiving my initial visit with Acupuncturist Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. as a Christmas 2009 present from my daughter, I have incorporated regular visits into my lifestyle. After two appointments with Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture of Tucson, I’m pleased to say I’ve not taken a single Advil since. Golf is virtually pain free (except for the score), and I have increased my exercise level with much less muscle ache and quicker recovery. In addition, Kym’s nutritional and supplement recommendations have stabilized my unruly digestive system. I feel better than I have in years.

I am truly grateful to both my daughter, who introduced me to Liferoot Acupuncture, and Kym and Jude for their professional, caring, and healing services.

My wife, who is a nurse has also become a client and is accepting of the value of this alternative to her western medicine training and experience.

Much continued success.

Results may vary.

Kenny U - Hepatitis C

July 2010

My testimonial regarding Acupuncture treatments from Kym Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. over the last several years:

I am a 59-year-old male with Hepatitis C virus, genotype A1, the most virulent type of hepatitis virus and the hardest to treat. Kym has treated me with acupuncture which, after countless insertions was almost totally pain free.

Kym has a rare gift of reading you and the areas needing treatment. By your input, surely, but also her ability to examine your eyes, tongue, and other points that only she recognizes. She is gifted in a very special way. Kym listens to your voice as well as what you say. She is also knowledgeable about herbs for what ails you.

Kym incorporates cranial/sacral work in her treatment if it is applicable. She is very sensitive to a person’s needs. She seems to make sense of multiple symptoms that to anyone else would seem unrelated.

I have a disease that is terminal and most people I know with similarities to my lifestyle have already passed. I truly believe that the treatments I have received from Kym over the years have been a core part of my continuing to live and my ability to maintain a happier and more active lifestyle.

In total Kym has been a real lifesaver for me. I say this with complete honesty and sincerity.

Results may vary.

Patrician M - Owner, The Mien Shiang Institute

May 2010

"Kym Kleiman is a conscientious, talented and caring acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is a true healer."

Results may vary.

Tania S - Alopecia Areata

June 2010

There is no way that I could ever thank Kim Kleiman M.Ac., L.Ac. enough for what she has done for my daughter Angelica.

Back in late November of 2009, my eight year old daughter Angelica started to lose her hair. At first I didn’t think anything of it. She has very curly hair and I thought she was just shedding a little more than normal. By December I began to panic. Angelica was losing large chunks of hair from the back of her head and rapidly losing her hairline.

I took my daughter to a dermatologist who diagnosed her with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune condition where the body attacks its own hair thinking it a foreign invader. My daughter lost more than 40% of her hair including: eye lashes, eye brows, body hair and a majority of the hair from her head. The doctors gave us little hope of Angelica growing her hair back soon, because she was losing so much at the time, all they said I could do was wait and see.

After more doctor’s visits I was told that the only treatments that MIGHT work where hormones (that can cause liver damage) or topical hormone creams applied to her head. My other choice was injections directly to the sight of the hair loss. In January, after seriously considering the different options we decided to go with the injections. (A decision I regret). Angelica is a tough little girl and rarely cries, however, the injections where so painful that she cried harder than I had ever seen her cry in her life. I swore right there and then that she would never again have to do this.

In early February, I was talking to my Mother about how frustrating this was, not having any straight answers from the doctors and how helpless I felt about the situation. My Mom mentioned my frustrations to her massage therapist Scott Nicholson who referred us to Kim. Kim did not hesitate at all and gave us her first available appointment. From the very first treatment with Kim I could see a difference in Angelica. She was happy and relaxed (she even talked to Kim, and she is usually very shy and rarely talks to people she has just met).

For months we had gone to dermatologists who offered painful blood tests and injections that did little for us. After just two acupuncture treatments with Kim Angelica began to grow her hair. On her first visit to Kim for acupuncture I remember Angelica telling me that she felt her body shiver, but she was not cold. We began to give Angelica the herbs and vitamins that Kim prescribed and the different foods that would help Angelica’s body balance. Within two weeks Angelica started to grow her hair.

Today we continue to take her to Kim Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture of Tucson and her hair is all grown in (well, it’s about 2 inches long now, but still growing). We cannot thank Kim enough for giving us hope. She never doubted that Angelica would grow her hair back and thanks to her neither did we.

Results may vary.

Lauren P - Hyperthyroidism

February 2010

Thank you for saving me, thus far, from having to undergo conventional treatment for hyperthyroidism (Graves’ Disease). In just 3 months, lab results have shown that I have made tremendous strides in healing my body naturally.

I’m so happy that I decided to give alternative treatment a try. I believe I owe my success, not only to acupuncture, but to the fact that I am following your [Kym’s] instructions on making dietary changes/additions, taking the Chinese Herb that you prescribed, and figuring out how to de-stress my life.

I feel so alive! Thank you.

Results may vary.

Patti M - Cystic Fibrosis

February 2010

I have known Kym in the community of Tucson for many years. Rarely have I met someone with such rich integrity and heart. She gives all this and so much more to her practice as an Acupuncturist.

As a Doctor of Chinese Acupuncture she has helped my daughter, HannahRose, who was diagnosed early with cystic fibrosis. HannahRose was 7 when she first began treatments with Kym. Kym was gentle, patient and clear with Hannah. She has connected with her in a special and positive way and HannahRose ALWAYS looks forward to her treatments. Kym has a way of translating medical information to HannahRose in a positive and hopeful way. Which is imperative for the healing process and sometimes overlooked in the western medical model. She has helped HannahRose to become more in tune to her body and manage her needs accordingly.

I have always appreciated that Kym lives her practice and models her healing arts with her lifestyle. Liferoot Acupuncture is an imperative part of our family’s medical team.

Thanks Kym and Jude!

Results may vary.

Jim L - Bell’s Palsy Treatment

February 2010

I’ve been receiving acupuncture off and on for 30 years, mostly for treatment of recurring Bell’s Palsy (partial facial paralysis). While I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing several talented practitioners, there is something about Kym’s heart-centered work that stands out amongst these others and provides the most healing energy for me.

Results may vary.

Nicolle Trudeau

January 2010

My name is Nicolle and until recently I had never tried acupuncture. the motherthe child However, I am happy to say that my first experience resulted in a wonderful occurrence. I contacted Kym after 40 weeks of pregnancy. I had been having contractions on and off for over a week, but was not able to progress in my labor. I was dilated to 4 centimeters and effaced, but my body would just not give into labor despite the amazement of the midwife and my growing anxiety to deliver.

I called Kym and she fit me into the schedule that day. I went in hopeful, but not expecting much. What I got, was someone that listened and talked to me about my entire health. She created a warm and pleasant environment for me and allowed me a chance to relax while she utilized acupuncture to encourage my labor. At the time, I enjoyed my experience, but was not sure it had worked. However, within 20 minutes of leaving her office I started having contractions. Two hours later without any additional interventions or medications I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Results may vary.

Holly Thomas Hillburn

January 2010

I was experiencing a very acute pain in my left index finger, and was told by my doctor that it was not broken and that he would see me again if the pain persisted for six weeks. I couldn’t imagine not using my hand for that long! That was when I decided to see Kym for my first acupuncture treatment. I had never had acupuncture before, and the only way that I can explain what made me choose to do so this time is that I really felt that if a person put a needle into my finger, it would feel better. After three or four treatments, my finger feels great, and I’m back to doing my usual activities.

What I appreciated most about my treatment was that Kym was a very patient and thorough listener and teacher. She was careful to explain what she thought about my condition and the appropriate treatments, and to listen as I described new sensations at each treatment. I also appreciated that Kym evidently thought about my treatment before and after each session. She had new ideas and thoughts at each appointment, and journeyed with me on the path through my pain as it came and went with each treatment, until finally disappearing altogether. I’m so grateful to have my hands back!

Results may vary.

Krissy, Accountant

December 2009

I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 12 years. This past fall I had a migraine that lasted 2 weeks and after going to Urgent Care once and Emergency twice I was about to give up. Then my fiancé decided we should try acupuncture and see if that would give me any relief.

When I first came to Kym I was in a lot of pain, but after the first couple of sessions I started to feel some relief. After about 2 months of treatments I am pain free and able to continue with my daily life. I had about given up because the doctors had tried almost every medicine you could think of and nothing worked, but Kym helped renew my faith that my situation wasn’t hopeless.

My fiancé, our kids and I are grateful that she gave me my life back. Thanks for everything Kym!

Results may vary.

Summer R - Endometriosis

November 2009

My name is Summer Risley and I am a nursing student. I was in chronic pain from endometriosis for over four years. Not a day or an hour went by when I didn’t have severe pain. I had three surgeries and all were unsuccessful and provided no pain relief. After multiple therapies such as Lupron shots (that put me into menopause) and Progesterone treatments (which made me gain 15 pounds), I was still in pain.

My breaking point was two months ago when my doctor told me that the only solution to my pain was a complete hysterectomy. I am only 24 years old and single and I want to have children some day. I broke down a month ago while talking to a friend from church. I told her about my chronic pain and that I had to get a hysterectomy. She recommended that I make an appointment with Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture.

I felt relief immediately after starting the acupuncture treatments. For the first time in four years I have been pain free for the entire month. For the first time since I was twenty I am pain free. I actually stop myself after thirteen hour clinical sessions in amazement that I have no pain when before after these same clinical sessions I was unable to walk for two days.

Kym is compassionate, and caring. She explains everything to me and answers all of my questions. I am a nursing student and I was a skeptic, but you can’t argue with results. Doctors said my case was hopeless and Kym has given me hope and a life without pain.

Results may vary.

Gale T

October 2009

Receiving acupuncture from Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture is the best thing that has ever happened for my health! I always know that when I come for an appointment I am going to feel better. I am so glad that Kym is on this earth.

Results may vary.


October 2009

A little over a year ago, I developed a constant vertigo. It was completely disabling. I could not do more than an hour or two of any activity at a time. Doctors, Neurologists, Physical therapists, I saw them all with no improvement. Several months ago, I visited Kym Kleiman at Liferoot Acupuncture. Her Acupuncture treatments have given me so much more of my life back. I am not cured, but now, my vertigo is manageable. I can do all sorts of things that were taken away from me. I have added acupuncture as a very valuable piece to my physical, mental and spiritual health treatment plan.

Results may vary.

Della T

September 2009

It was a car accident that started my severe headaches they were excruciating and lasted for days at a time. I have a high pain tolerance, but this was becoming unbearable after over a year of living with pain every day. I had been to my doctor and he ran all the typical tests only to find nothing. I was going to a Chiropractor for treatments. The pain was really becoming a problem. I was in pain and I was NOT happy.

I have known Kym Kleiman for almost six years. Kym had suggested several times that I give acupuncture a try but I do not like needles and put it off. Finally I gave her a call. Why not? Nothing else was working. By this time I was willing to try anything that might help get rid of these Headaches.

I started going to Kym at Liferoot Acupuncture for weekly treatments and saw improvement immediately! The problem was completely resolved within a few treatments. She is amazing and has helped restore my health when it seemed no one else had the answers.

I continue to receive Acupuncture treatments from Kym for my overall health as she helps restore the body, mind and spirit to a natural balance. I always feel much better from her treatments. It’s a great therapy and I cannot thank Kym enough for what she’s done for me. She explains the purpose of each of the treatments, as Acupuncture is not just about putting needles into various points of the body. It involves heat, liniments, herbals, and specific foods to name a few. A very important fact is that I didn’t experience any pain from the needles.

I strongly recommend Kym Kleiman as your choice for an Acupuncturist and Herbalist. You will benefit from both her natural intuition and her training.

Results may vary.

Howard G - author of Transforming the Difficult Child

August 2009

Kym Kleiman is a master of our times. Her profound wisdom and skill make my life a dream.

Results may vary.

Laura B

July 2009

I just wanted to thank you both for your kindness and warmth. I am very lucky to have found Liferoot Acupuncture and think the treatments have just been absolutely wonderful.

Results may vary.

Christina R

July 2009

Kym is a knowledgeable, interactive healer. She listens to the patient and seeks input in the treatment. When my daughters go to get acupuncture it is like they are going to see a friend. There are warm feelings, they feel respected, and they are at ease. The atmosphere in the office...all of the office is one of healing and caring. Kym is very good about consulting with the parent. One sees results immediately. Her depth of knowledge, talent and intuition is apparent instantly.

Results may vary.

Ruby O

July 2009

What I love about my appointments with Kym—aside from the fact that I always feel much better from her treatments when I leave—is the careful and considered listening she gives me.

I think this is so important to really feel heard. Because she takes her time with this, I know her recommendations are based on a deeper understanding of the totality that I’m trying to describe. Her treatments are always right on the mark and I have also benefitted many times from the Chinese herbs that she recommends as well. Her knowledge and skill as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist benefit from both her training and her natural intuition.

I trust her!

Results may vary.

Jeselle M

July 2009

Dr. Kim and Jude have been wonderful. I moved to Tucson 35 weeks pregnant with my baby in a breech position. My mother gave me an article showing acupuncture had a 98% success rate turning breech babies. I was given a referral to Liferoot Acupuncture, but I showed up on pure faith.

Both Jude and Dr. Kim were warm and friendly. The office and treatment room was clean, calm and relaxing. I was surprised the treatment didn’t hurt. I immediately felt my energy meridians open up. After the third treatment, my baby turned head first. Each treatment left me feeling strong, peaceful and comfortable. I felt centered and all the little aches and pains were gone. Having my baby turn from a breech position was natural and painless. Thanks to Dr. Kim’s expertise, I am looking forward to a natural and comfortable delivery.

Thank you so much Dr. Kim!

Results may vary.

Heidi M - Plantar Fasciitis

July 2009

I have been a long time friend of Kym Kleiman over the years. Her natural ability as a healer was apparent long before an institute handed her a degree saying she was such. I sought Acupuncture treatment from her for various things because of my trust in her emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew she had studied hard and her school knowledge would now match her life knowledge when I walked through her doors my first time as her patient. The biggest issue I suffered from was Plantar Fasciitis. I had suffered from it for years, spending thousands of dollars on shoes and taking huge amounts of Ibuprofen. On certain occasions I could not walk without an apparent limp.

I experienced four Acupuncture treatments from Kym Kleiman with the plantar fasciitis as a focal point. The Acupuncture treatments were given to me over a two month period at her office. The last Acupuncture treatment I sought from her for this issue was well over a year ago. My plantar fasciitis pain completely went away and has not returned to anything near the degree I suffered before Acupuncture treatments with Kym. As a nurse, I occasionally have to massage my foot after many days of standing on it, but I have not had to take Ibuprofen or seek other treatments for this pain. Many days and nights of suffering have been alleviated for me.

Kym Kleiman is a natural healer.

Results may vary.

Dr. Fabia K MD, Board Certified Internist

March 2009

For approximately six months I experienced severe left shoulder pain. I did not sustain any specific injury nor do I recall any specific activity that may have caused the pain. The pain was present throughout the day and night. I had very limited range of motion of my shoulder and I also experience radiation of the pain down my arm associated with numbness and tingling.

Initially, I tried conservative and conventional modalities, like heat, massage and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, specifically Ibuprofen. I had a great deal of trouble sleeping and could not put weight on my left side at night.

After six months I was very concerned that I would never improve. I was considering making an appointment with an orthopedist but was hesitant because I know that allopathic medicine is often unable to address musculoskeletal problems effectively.

Luckily, my massage therapist referred me to Kym Kleinman, a licensed acupuncturist. I had never had experience with acupuncture before but was very excited and willing to try this modality.

Kym has an open and gentle manner which immediately made me feel comfortable. She uses a very comprehensive approach which begins by taking a thorough history. It is important for her to know about the person she is treating. By obtaining a life’s picture she has a better understanding of why the patient is experiencing their particular symptoms and can formulate a specific treatment plan.

I was amazed at the complexity of the treatment. Acupuncture is not just about putting needles into various points of the body. It involves numerous modalities including heat, liniments, cupping, herbals, specific foods, and movement to name a few. I experienced no pain from the needles. Kym was careful to explain the purpose of any of the treatments she recommended that I had weekly for several months.

At the present time I have no pain, numbness or tingling in my upper extremity. I have almost complete range of motion and I can sleep comfortably on my shoulder. I also feel that my general well being has improved substantially. I can certainly attest to the merits of acupuncture. I think that Kym’s approach to health and well being is truly unique and restores the body, mind and spirit to a natural balance.

Results may vary.

Jennifer M

March 2009

I have known Kym Kleiman for the past three years. She has been amazing and has helped restore my health when it seemed no one else had the answers.

It started with severe sharp pain in my left side near my stomach. Sometimes it was excruciating and lasted for days at a time. I am an athlete so needless to say, I have a high pain tolerance. This was becoming unbearable. I went to my doctor and she ran all the typical tests only to find nothing. She decided to refer me to an endocrinologist. Meanwhile this pain was really becoming a problem. I had a couple of trips to the ER only to find nothing. The endocrinologist ruled out gallstones, cancer or an ulcer. All he could come up with is a "nervous stomach." I knew one thing, I was in pain and I was NOT happy. I went back to my doctor and she suggested that I give acupuncture a try.

A friend of mine knew Kym, so I gave her a call. Why not? Nothing else was working. I didn’t know much about acupuncture, but I was willing to try anything that might help get rid of this stomach pain. I started going to Kym for weekly treatments and saw improvement immediately! I don’t know exactly how it worked, but it did and I am so pleased. The problem completely resolved within a few treatments.

I continued to see Kym when I was training for boxing and acupuncture was amazing at handling the impact injuries and keeping me "together" when I was putting so much of a load on my body. It’s a great therapy and I cannot thank Kym enough for what she’s done for me. She is a first class health professional and I would strongly recommend her as your choice for an Acupuncturist.

Results may vary.